About The Professor

In undergraduate school, Professor Smith studied at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and graduated with a B.S. in Psychology with a double minor in History and Pan-African Studies. She spent a year after college teaching middle-school computer applications and junior and senior Humanities English at The Linsly School. She also advised students with senior projects that focused on contemporary issues in African American culture.kirktrailmedown

She earned a Masters degree in Liberal Studies from Loyola University in Baltimore, Maryland. Professor Smith’s degree was writing and research intensive, designed for an individual committed to lifelong critical thinking, social justice advocacy, and excellence in written and oral communication.  Most of her research, studies, and writing centered around Hip Hop culture, African American history, and Cultural Studies. She continued her work in higher education at Goucher College coordinating monthly programming calendars and working with campus leaders to build community. Her responsibilities included creating copy, marketing, and promotions for campus wide multicultural celebrations and programs.


After several years of working as a student affairs professional, she transitioned to the classroom and began designing curriculum and teaching composition at local community colleges, tutoring college and high school students, and editing works for fellow colleagues in higher education. Professor Smith has studied Curriculum Design, Pedagogy of Online Teaching, Multicultural Education, Accelerated Learning, Reading, and Composition for multiple age level students. Her work has resulted in the creation of courses and individualized curriculum that teach the value of interdisciplinary learning, reading/writing integration, and the benefits of online learning communities. Her studies and experience have resulted in the creation of an online course, Writing for Success: Life Skills in Composition.

She also works with a network of poets, professors, artists, and educators to coach them with their writing and help them with their editing needs. In addition to websites and poetry, her most recent collaborations have been with professor syllabus and artist manuscripts.


Professor Smith still makes music under a different name, and she enjoys visiting schools to celebrate diversity, host events, and teach arts education workshops. Best of all, she has created a job and a lifestyle that she loves. She is able to write, teach, and mentor curious writers towards stronger compositions, self discovery, and lifelong love of the written word. Her books are almost done. Stay tuned!


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