Artist Content Marketing

Writer’s Planet coaches artists through the creation of valuable web content to find their place and their people in the physical and digital universe. We search for improving the opportunities for arts educators, creative thinkers, and those with an entrepreneurial spirit. If you are motivated by inspiration, cultural shifts, and shedding light on your purpose, we would love to work with you and help you create your vision and drive towards the next apex of your evolution. We will help you to create your space and attract your people. We offer:

Professional Writing Services – If you own a business and need help with writing/editing for reoccurring social media, blogging,  and marketing materials, we can help. Writer’s Planet offers proofreading and editing and campaign management for quality copy in your website, business, and customer outreach.

The journey to finding our voices should happen before we ask ourselves what the people want. We must search inside. If you know where you want to head, we can help you map out your goals and work in a direction of a clearly defined market, driving you towards more and greater opportunities to spread your messages to the people who will most benefit from growing with you and your business.

We have had the pleasure of building with the following:

Black Root Underground, arts educator and emcee
Maurice Carroll, music producer and entertainment coach
Shana Buckholtz, illustrator (coming soon)